Each of these items are available for rent.  Please contact us at info@celebrityradiodjs.com for pricing and availability.

Denon HC4500

USB Midi Controller

HP Laptops (4)

Vizio 42" LCD TV's (2)

Used in our multimedia packages.

Da-Lite Fast Fold Projection Screen

6 x 8 foot / Front or Rear Projection

84" x 84" Tripod Screen

Infocus IN5106

5000 Lumens Projector

Roland V-8 Video Mixer

8 channel digital video mixer

(2) Martin 2518

Lighting Controllers

(2) Martin MC Showtime

Lighting Controllers

Martin MX-4 Scanners (9)

Scanning Lighting Effect

Martin CX-4 Color Changers (6)

Lighting Effect

Martin Acrobats (3)

Rotating Barrel Mirror Effect

Martin CX-2

Fog Machine

Le'Maitre Radiance Hazer

Enhances lighting shows

Omnisistems Babystars (2)

Moonflower effect

(12) Blizzard Lighting LED Pucks

Color Wash and Up Lighting Fixtures

Omnisistems UV Black Gun

400 watt black light

Milos 290V Quatro Trussing, (6) 2m sticks, (2) 1m sticks, base plates, etc.

Trussing used to mount light shows.

(2) Applied Electronics L-11's

11' steel crankstand. These are used to support truss, and different lighting configurations.

(2) Applied Electronics L-16 crank stands.

(2) JBL PRX612M

12" 2-way Powered Speakers (1000w)

(4) Yorkville EF-500PB's

2-way 15" 800 watt powered speaker

(2) Yorkville LS800P's

1500 watt 18" powered sub

(4) Yorkville LS-1208's

Horn loaded 18" subwoofer. One of the best performing subs in it's class.

(2) JBL EON G2's

400 watt 15" powered 2-way speaker

Ultimate stands

Speaker stands, two 6' and two 8'.

(2) DBX Driverack PA's

Audio system processor.

Aphex 320A Compellor

Audio Processor

(2) QSC PLX-3602

3600w Audio Amplifiers

Rane MP24Z Mixer

Mackie 1402 VLZ PRO Mixer

Rane Mojo Mixer

Audio mixer.

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2

CD turntable

(2) Pioneer CDJ-700

CD Players

Pioneer Karaoke Player

2 disc CD-G karaoke player.

Shure Beta 58A microphones.

Shure Wireless Microphones

Chavet Bubble King

Produces thousands of bubbles per minute.

Popcorn Machine

6oz popper

Cotton Candy Machine